Only Users set up with the Admin User Role will be able to see and access Settings. This is where administrators can setup, create and manage information for the surveys.
Click Settings in MemberInsight(bottom of Welcome page or top right corner) to show the different sections in the second level navigation. 

Different Sections available to administrators:

Brand - set up contact information for club and email defaults
Locations - set up contact information for club and email defaults, usually same as Brand unless club has multi club setup
Surveys - manage surveys that can be sent
Questions - create a custom survey that could be sent with the NPS survey or on its own
Recipients - list of receipients that have been brought over from database or uploaded using a csv file
Limits - control how often surveys are sent and additional filters on outgoing messages
Users - create, edit or delete users to access MemberInsight
Closed loop - set up follow up process
Social Media - set up social profile, please contact for more information
Response Tags - create, edit or delete tag groups
Click on the buttons in the top navigation area to access more information on each of these sections.