Questions (Custom surveys)

Instead of only asking members the NPS Question "How likely are you to recommend Company Name to friends and family?" in the email, additional questions can be created and asked in a survey. This could be created by adding a Question Set. It could be a quick survey with a few questions or it could be a very long multi page survey.
Here is a simple example with only 5 questions.

Who will receive the question sets?

The recipients will depend on which survey is being sent using MemberInsight.

A percentage of recipients will be selected everyday and sent the question set. These are the same recipients that are selected from the ongoing surveys, once they complete the NPS survey question the custom question set survey will begin. 

The custom question set can be
  • Added to a relational or department survey
  • Toggled on or off at any time
Everyone that was uploaded into the recipient section with a CSV file will be sent the question set. This will be sent only once and only gets sent when an administrator clicks on the send now button. It cannot be automated to send on a specific date.

The custom question set can be
  • Sent along with the NPS question
  • Sent on its own