Administrator can look up all recipients that are eligible to receive surveys and view additional details about them. The Recipients are not listed in any particluar order in this table.
Click Settings in MemberInsight and then Recipients in the second level navigation to view or edit.

Options available in this section
  • Recipients - view recipient information
  • Suspend Communication - stop communication temporarily or indefinitely for recipients
  • Active Suspensions - view recipients on suspension or remove suspension


Number of Recipients - Displayed in the left corner

Information found in the Table

  • Member Photo
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Last Survey - date and time when the last survey was sent to the recipient
  • Email
  • Status
    • Active - All members that were uploaded from the accounting system will be assigned the Active status, this is not related to the status that the member currently has in your database.
    • Unknown - any recipients that were uploaded to the MemberInsight program using a CSV file for One-off surveys will be assigned the Unknown status.

Search by name only
  1. Type in first or last name in search box
  2. Press enter or click Go! - recipients with the matching name will display in the table
  3. Click on recipient name - additional information for the member will display in a box on the right.

1. Click on a name to view additional details about that recipient

The recipient details will appear in the box on the right.
  • Email - Displays the email address(es) that is on file for the member from AR or included in the CSV file
  • Phone - Phone number(s) will be displayed if it was updated from the AR system
  • Unsubscribe displayed = the email is currently eligible to receive surveys.
    • Click Unsubscribe and this will stop sending this email surveys
  • Subscribe displayed = this email is not receiving any surveys.
    • Click Subscribe to make the email address eligible to receive surveys again.

  • Date of birth: Displays birthday in Month, Day, Year format
  • Join date: Displays join date in Month, Day, Year format
  • Last attendance:
    • Displays the last time member had a transaction at the club in Month, Day, Year and Time format
    • Never displayed - the contact has a status that is Eligible to receive surveys but they haven't attended the club since MemberInsight was launched at the club.

Survey History with number - Indicates number of surveys the receipient has received

  • Surveys - Displays list of surveys that was sent to the recipient
    • This person has not been sent any survey's yet - no surveys sent
    • maximum of 3 surveys will display here with which survey date and time
  1. Click Show All: a pop up window will display
    • All surveys with the date and time when a survey was sent
    • Link to view the survey that was sent
Follow up
  • Last Interaction: Displays last interaction date by user in Month, Day, Year format
    • Never - recipient has never been contacted by a user to follow up with a response that was provide

Suspend Communication

Control who receives a survey at any time! You can set rules for specific recipients or, you can bulk apply a suspension to recipients using a CSV list of email addresses. Simply supply details below to instruct the system who to ignore when sending.

Suspend multiple recipients from receiving surveys.
  1. Choose the Comunication type: Email already defaulted and will always be the option
  2. Duration of Suspension
    • Indefinitely
    • For a set number of days
  3. Suspension Reasoning (Optional): type a reason why this recipient is being suspended
  4. Upload recipient list to Suspend: Please note, the uploaded CSV file, should only contain email addresses
    • Click Choose file to upload the file
  5. Click Apply Suspension

Alternatively, if you don't want to bulk apply suspensions. You can search for individuals below, and apply the rules above to them specifically.

  1. Search recipient to suspend
  2. Choose the Comunication type: Email already defaulted and will always be the option
  3. Duration of Suspension
    • Indefinitely
    • For a set number of days
  4. Scroll down the screen to Search recipient to suspend section
    • Type in name for recipient in the Search box
    • Click Go
  5. Click Apply on the right for the recipient to be suspended

Active Suspensions

Displays any recipients that have requested not to receive surveys from the club using MemberInsight for a designated time period or indefinitely.

Below is a list of your currently active suspensions. You can remove the suspension individually.

Information found in the Table
  • Member image
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Location - club name
  • Suspension Date - date suspension started
  • Suspension Duration - number of days or indefinietely
  • Reason - empty or have reason for suspension
  • Action - Remove button always displayed

Remove individual from suspension

  1. Click Remove and the recipient will be removed from the suspension list immediately