Dash - How can I improve?

In this section the club can easily view how the different tag groups/departments are performing and identify areas to improve.

What’s the buzz?

This area lists all the Tag Groups and a bar graph to indicate the keywords that have been tagged in member responses as Positive, Neutral or Negative. Mentions are the number of times a tag is used within members' responses. You may have more Mentions than Responses if a tag is used more than once in the same Response. By improving these areas, the club can improve the NPS score

      1. Hover over the colored areas to see how many mentions there are in the respective areas Positive, Neutral or Negative
      2. Click on the Tag Group name to view responses for that Tag Group - Response Tag Groups report will appear

      3. Scroll down to Responses section
4. Click on the Member Response to view the comments and reassign tags if necessary

Quick Win

Displays the Tag Group/ Department that has the most Detractor mentions, these are negative comments from the members' responses. To improve the clubs NPS score, it's a good idea to focus on the area recommended in the Quick Win box because this is where there is the most negative mentions for the designated time period.

      1. Click view responses
      Responses section will appear to view ALL responses.
      2. Use filters to search for specific comments and reassign tags if necessary

When the club is performing well and there are no negative mentions, a tag group will not be found in the Quick Win box. Instead a message will display "There were no negative comments! Great work!"