Response Tags - Reassigning Tags

Once members start to respond to the surveys, the words in the comments will become Tags. The tags will appear below the member comments and color coded to match the score provided. Response tags are used to generate data to further identify areas of improvement.

To properly utilize the Response Tags, reassign the tags as needed when reading the comments. Sometimes there could be positive comments even though a detractor score was provided.

Member scored a 5 (detractor) and provide positive and negative experiences in the comments.

"I love the spa and the staff are great but yesterday there was a big group of women (bachelorette party?) being very loud and it spoiled my visit. Hope it will be back to normal next time!"

The comment started off with I love the spa, so the word spa should be reassigned from a negative to a positive.

Working with Tags

Information found in the Response that is related to Response tags  

  • Member score - number in colored square
  •  Score 0-6 = Red, 7-8 = Gray, 9-10 = Turquoise
  • Could be empty or populated with additional feedback 
Response Tags:
  • Tags/words display under the comments with same color as score by default
  • Red = Negative, Gray = Neutral, Turquoise = positive

‚ÄčThe data and results generated from the Response tags can be found on the Dash or Reports section.

Tag Groups
  • Identify different areas of the club and are set up in Response Tags
  • White background with colored text that matches the score
  • The Tag Group cannot cannot be reassigned 
  • Colored background that matches the score with white text
  • Each tag can be re-assigned to match the content found in the comments
Tags can be changed in the Responses,  Todo or Reports Sections
  1. Read the comment and re-assign the word(s) where applicable
  2. Click Tag (keyword) to see drop down options
  3. Select one of the options
    • Positive
    • Neutral
    • Negative
    • Remove the tag
How to Add a Tag that was not identified by MemberInsight.
Option to add a tag if the system did not create one based on the comments
  • This tag(keyword) would be available going forward in future comments
  1. Click Add Tag
  2. Type in word
  3. Select Positive, Neutral or Negative
  4. Click Add - to save changes
  5. Click Cancel - to close add tag section