Reports - Filter

Use different filter options that can be applied in the Reports section to generate specific reports.

Reports - Filtering Options across the Top

                                                                           Days to Search options

Last 30 Days
                                                                           Last 3 months
                                                                           Last 6 months
                                                                           Last 12 months
                                                                           Select date

                                                                           From: Enter from date
                                                                           To: Enter to date
                                                                           Type of Survey options

All survey types
                                                                           Relational Survey
                                                                           Relational and Depts
                                                                           Department Survey
                                                                           One off Survey
All Locations displays by default, which means data from all locations and departments will appear in the results.
  1. Click All Locations and Check box beside club name
    • Option to check multiple locations
    • Only clubs managed by a management company will see more than one location in the drop down
  2. Click outside of the drop down box to complete selection
The All Departments filter appears only after the club name is selected from All Locations.
All Departments filter appears after the Club name is selected from All Location filter. This filter provides the option to view data for all, a specific or multiple  departments.
  1. Click All Departments - to select department(s) to view
    • Check one or multiple boxes from the list
  2. Click outside of the drop down box to complete selection

Departments listed will depend on what the Club set up in Jonas/Encore