Responses - Details

All NPS responses will be saved here even after follow-up with a member has been completed. Information here is similar to what will be found in the Todo section. Below you will learn more details about the information provided in the response section.

Response Details Explained

Member Photo
  • Member photo will display if there is an image on file in the database
  • If image is not in the database it will display photo not available  ​


Emoji color,  Name of member, Club name and Department name
  • Emoji and colour represents the score member responded with
    • Sad face red = Detractor
    • Neutral face grey = Passive
    • Happy face turqoise = Promoter
  • Member and Club name is displayed for all responses to Relational and Department surveys (Mike Matthews - Red Oaks Golf)
  • Building icon and Department name only appears after the Member and Club name if member responded to a Department survey (Spa)

Days ago  
  • Identifies when member responded to the survey
  • Measured in hours, days or months ago 

Add internal notes between MemberInsight users for a response.
  1. Click Note
  2. Add a note: Type in notes
  3. Click Save - notes will be saved in History
    • Click Cancel to close the Note option


Example: Bob was assigned to a response and Anna happens to chat with member, Anna can leave a note for Bob

  • Shows number of times the club has reached out to the member
  • Click History to see the interaction details

The following information displays when History is clicked:
  • Date of response, notes or interactions
  • Member score - number in colored square
  • Club name and Department if applicable
  • Comments
  • Notes - paper icon

Methods of communication will be displayed for interactions
  • Call - Phone icon
  • Talk - Chat bubble icon
  • Email - Envelope icon

Click to View
  • This button will only appear in Department survey responses.
  • It allows the club to see date and time that member visited.

1. Click click to view

  • Date and time when member attended
  • Shows Department that the member visited
  • If the member visited the department more than once in the same day it will show up with different time stamp

Adding Todo items 

Todo items are responses that require a staff member to contact the member for follow-up to get more information to discuss the score or comments that they provided.
  • Detractor scores will already be added into the Todo list automatically
  • Passive and Promoter scores are more likely to have the Add Todo icon in the response if it wasn't already enabled in the Closed Loop section found under Settings

Example: Member gave a good score but a negative comment, this would be a good reason to add them to the Todo list.

Steps to Add Todo
  1. Read member comments to find out if the response should be added to the Todo List
  2. Click Add Todo for the Passive (7 or 8) or Promoter(9 or 10) response
The following things happen when Add Todo is clicked:
  • Member response will be added into the Todo list
  • Number beside Todo at the top of the screen will increase
  • By default the user that clicked Add Todo will be assigned as the user for the Todo list item
    • the assigned user can be changed in the Todo section


If a response was added into the Todo list in error, they cannot be removed from the Todo list.

Suggested steps to remove response that was added in error, use Talk follow-up method.
  1. Click Todo and find member response
  2. Click Talk
  3. Note: type a note (response added in error to Todo list)
  4. Click Successful Attempt to remove item from Todo list immediately
Why is there a Facebook and Twitter icon for some of the Responses?
The social icons appear beside the response tags only when:
  1. Recipient scores a 9 or 10 (Promoter score)
  2. Clicks Send Feedback - Thanks for your feedback screen will appear
  3. "Allow any feedback ..." question appears under the 9 or 10 score
    • Check box: Social icons will appear in response
    • Uncheck box: Social icons will not appear in response
When a user clicks on the Facebook or Twitter Icon in the Responses section and Social Media is not configured in MemberInsight, they will see one of these messages.
If the club has opted to configure MemberInsight with Social Media they will have the ability to post the comment on to the respective Social Media Site.
Please contact to assist in setting up Social Media.