All Users

Staff can be set up with Basic or Admin access when a new user account is set up for MemberInsight. This section discusses the following options that are available to all users after they login to MemberInsight. 

Dash - quickly view the statistics generated using the scores and comments from the surveys

Reports - view detailed reports including charts 

Todo - members that have to be contacted by a staff member for follow up

​Responses - view all Responses that have ever been submitted as a result of an email that contains the NPS survey question

Click on the buttons in the top navigation area to access more information on each of these sections.

Logging in to MemberInsight

1. Go to website address provided for your club
Contact if you do not have the correct MemberInsight website URL for your club.

2. Type in email address and password
3. Click Sign in

Users can reset password on their own from the sign-in page.  
1. Go to MemberInsight site for your club
2. Click Help, I've forgotten my password!
    Reset your password window will open
2. Type in email that was used to set up account
3. Click Request Password reset
4. Wait for email - Check inbox and junkbox for the email
5. Click link in the email
  • Note: this link will expire after 1 hour
6. Type in New Password and Confirm New Password
8. Click Reset my password

Administrators can reset passwords for all users except their own.  
1. Login to MemberInsight
2. Click Settings
3. Click Users
4. Click Name of user

5. Click Change(beside Password) - password field will appear

6. Type in new password for user
7. Click Save