Information identical to what was entered in the Brand Section will be found here, unless your club has a Multi Club Setup.
Click Settings at the top of the page and then Locations in the second level navigation to view or edit club information.

Single Club Setup: info will be same as Brand (most common setup)
Multi Club Setup: if the club has multiple locations, this should be set up already with the different club names to choose from

Note: The other locations would have been set up already at the time of installation. If it wasn't set up please contact support@memberinsight.club so that we could add the additional locations.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Locations - all fields should be populated already
  3. Click on club name
  4. Edit information - additional details can be found below
  5. Click Save

  Organisation Name:  Club Name
  Website:  Club's website address 
  Privacy Policy URL:  e.g. http://www.example.com/privacy
  Street Address:  Club mailing address
  City:  Club city
  Region:  Club Province or State
  ZIP Code / Postcode:  Club ZIP or Postal Code
  Phone Number:  Club Phone number

Note: Your address will be printed in outgoing emails. This is in accordance with guidelines designed to keep your emails out of the spam folder.

Your email sending options. These are used in the emails sent to your recipients.

Note: the name and email address could be replaced in the Surveys > Sender Options section for individual surveys.

  From Name:  Club Name
  Reply To address:  Email address to be used for replies


The default text colour and company logo will be set up so that it could be used in the surveys.
  Brand Colour:  set up with club color and hex code
  Company Logo:  set up with current logo

Note: the color and logo could be replaced in the Surveys > Your Survey section for individual surveys.

Edit Existing Image

1. Click in the dotted line box (or you could use Drag and Drop method)
     a. Locate file on your computer
     b. Select image - image should be formatted the way you want before uploading
     c. Click on Open - this will upload the image to MemberInsight

  • by default the image is going to be centered and this cannot be changed

2. Click Save

Note: If you selected the wrong image and need to go back to the original.

  • Click back button in the browser at the top by the address bar without saving.
    Once you click Save you won't be able to go back to the original image (unless a copy of the image was saved on your computer)

Logo size restrictions:

  • Images should be no larger than 400KB in size

  • Images will be scaled down to a maximum width of 450 pixels and a maximum height of 200 pixels.

Delete Existing Image

This button only appears if a logo has already been uploaded previously.
  • Deletes the current image immediately (even if you did not click on the Save button)

  • The image will be gone and you won't be able to get it back (unless you had a copy of the image on your computer).

  1. Click Delete Existing Image - the image will be deleted immediately without any confirmation.