Responses - Filter and Export

Learn different filter options that could be applied in the Responses section and how to export the responses.

Responses - Filtering Options across the Top

                                                                           Days to Search options

Last 30 Days
                                                                           Last 3 months
                                                                           Last 6 months
                                                                           Last 12 months
                                                                           Select date

                                                                           From: Enter from date
                                                                           To: Enter to date
                                                                           Type of Survey options

All survey types
                                                                           Relational Survey
                                                                           Relational and Depts
                                                                           Department Survey
                                                                           One off Survey
All Locations displays by default, which means responses from all locations and departments will appear in the results.
  • Click All Locations and select Club name
  • Only clubs managed by a management company will see more than one location in the drop down

The All Departments filter appears only after the club name is selected from All Locations.

All Departments filter appears after the Club name is selected from All Location filter. This filter provides the option to view responses for a specific department.


Filter options on the Left

Search Comments / Search Recipients
  1. Click triangle pointing down on the left of Search Comments 
  2. Select option
    • Search Comments: find responses using words in comments
    • Search Recipients: find responses using member name
  3. Type in word(s) or name 
  4. Click Go!
Reset Filters
  1. Click Reset Filters
    • Removes all filters that were applied on the left (comments/recipients, responses, tag groups, gender and ages)
Click on one of the Response Types
  • Promoters
  • Passives
  • Detractors

All tag groups
  1. Click to select tag group to view

All tags
  • the words in the comments are referred to as tags
  1. Type word(tag) to search for - a list of words that have been tagged will appear below
  2. Click on word(tag) that appears below
    • Responses with the word(tag) that was selected will appear
    • If the word did not return any results, try changing the filters
All genders
  1. Click Male or Female


All ages
  1. Click on designated age groups that have been preset.
    • responses with members between that age group will appear

Note: these age groupings cannot be changed

Set Age
  1. Type in a specific age to search for 
  2. Click Set
  • Age is ## will appear
  • Set age field is empty
  • responses with members in that age group will appear

Exporting Responses

Export CSV button - Allows the club to export all the responses that are filtered on screen into a comma separated value (CSV) file.
  1. Apply filters - otherwise ALL Responses will be exported
  2. Click Export CSV and the export will begin immediately
    • Once the export is completed. There should be a file on the task bar indicating that the file has downloaded. 
      3. A file on the task bar will appear when the CSV file has downloaded
      4. Click on file and select option to Open

The following fields of information will be exported 
  • First Name, Last name, Location, Department, Email, Response Date, Response, Score and Can Share
    • Can Share column will always be empty except for responses that scored a 9 or 10 (the column may show yes, only if member checked box to allow feedback).
The Can Share question only appears for users that score the NPS question a 9 or 10(promoter score).
  1. Member scores a 9 or 10 and clicks Send Feedback

      2. Thanks for your feedback appears on the screen
      3. Question appears under the score when a 9 or 10 was scored

      Allow any feedback I post to be used in promotional material
  • Check box: can share column will indicate Yes in CSV file
  • Uncheck box: can share column will be empty in CSV file