Managing Responses

This section allows the club to view all Responses that have ever been submitted as a result of an email that contains the NPS survey question.

Click Responses at the top of the page to access the information and more information can be found below.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Information

The NPS Score displayed here will change based on the filters that are applied at the top of the page. The higher the NPS score the better the club is performing. The highest possible score would be 100.
  • Color and face symbol will help identify the type of response 
  • Hovering over the color will display the percentage

How the Net Promoter Score information is received

  1. Member receives email with the NPS question
  2. Member rates the NPS question 

How the Net Promoter Score is calculated

% Promoters - % Detractors = Net Promoter Score