Closed Loop

This section allows the club to enable the follow up process after the member answers the survey. The process can be enabled based on the score that is provided in the response.
Click Settings in MemberInsight and then Closed Loop in the second level navigation to view or edit.

Process Settings

Most clubs will begin by enabling the Detractor type process, so that the club is not overwhelmed with todo list items.

Select a type (Detractors, Passives, Promoters) by clicking on the sad, neutral or happy face below to configure the follow up process for that type.
To enable/disable a process, click the corresponding toggle switch.

Process Settings are broken down into 3 sections
  • Automated Email - this should be set up for all three response types before sending out first survey
  • Add to the Closed Loop todo list
  • Send a Follow Up Survey

Closed Loop Process

Depending on what the member scores (Detractor, Passive or Promoter) the respective automated email will be sent even if the closed loop process for the follow up process is not enabled.

Remember to review and modify all three default email settings before sending out surveys.


Time since response is received
  • Default is usually set to 0 hours - the email will be sent within one hour after the response is received
  • Change number - if needed
  • Select time frame: hours, days, weeks


Edit button - make changes to the subject line and email content

Email Subject - Subject line that members will see in the automated email
  • Edit subject line for the club
  • Each response type will be set up with a different default

Email Content - Customize message for the email or use the default already in place
Below is the default email subject and content for the three different response types if the club chooses not to edit.

Detractor email default

Email Subject: Thank you... We want to do better!

Email Content:
Thank you for taking the time to complete our recent survey - we really appreciate it. We are determined to help our customers score us as highly as possible so we consider all feedback and suggestions carefully and do what we can to make improvements.

If you left us feedback, I can assure you we will be reviewing this and seeing what we can do to help. If you have anything further to add, or did not leave a comment in the survey, please do not hesitate to reply to this email and let me know your comments.

Thank you once again and we will do our best to improve your score in future!


Passive email default

Email Subject: Thank you... Please help us to be even better

Email Content:
Thank you for taking the time to complete our recent survey - we really appreciate it. Thank you even more for giving us such a good score. While we were really pleased to receive your score, we are determined to do even better.

We'd love to hear if you have any further comments or feedback that will help us get an even better score in future. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can help at all.

Thank you once again!


Promoter email default

Email Subject: Thanks for being such a big fan!

Email Content:
Thank you for taking the time to complete our recent survey - we really appreciate it. Thank you even more for giving us such a great score. We are really pleased to hear that you would recommend our service.

We are determined to ensure we maintain your levels of satisfaction so please do not hesitate to let us know if we can do anything more for you now or if anything changes in the future.

Thank you once again!

Preview button - found above email subject - View what the automated email will look like.
When do you want the Response to be added to the Todo list?

Detractors Closed Loop

TIme since response is received
  • Default is usually set to 0 Hours - this means it will be added to the Todo list immediately after the response is received
Change number - if needed
Select time frame: hours, days, weeks

Passives and Promoters Closed Loop

Most clubs will start off  with the Passive and Promoters closed loops turned off.

When the club is ready they could click into the Passives or Promoters and set up the 3 sections and then turn it on with the toggle switch on the closed loop page.
  • Automated Email
  • Add to the closed loop todo list
  • Send a follow up survey

Note: even when the Closed Loop is turned off any user can add the passive or promoter response to the todo list manually.

In the Responses section there will be an Add Todo button beside the response.
  1. Click Add Todo
  2. Response will now be added to the Todo list

A follow up survey is usually sent out to the member 21 days after a succesful attempt was made to contact the recipient. The timeframe when this follow up survey gets sent can be changed but this step cannot be removed from the closed loop process.

The follow up survey will have the same NPS question How likely are you to recommend...
Ideally the member will score higher compared to the previous score and the club will be able to gauge whether they are improving or doing worse.

Time since step 1 is completed*
  • This is usually set to 21 days
  • Change number - if needed
  • Select time frame: hours, days, weeks

Auto - Assign

This feature will allow the system to be configured so that Todo items can be automatically assigned as soon as they are added to the system taking away the manual work of having to assign them.

How to set it up
  1. Under the club name
  2. Select a user name from the Search for user drop down list
  3. Click and drag user name into dotted line box beside the respective department to be assigned to
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save
The user can be assigned to more than one department and more than one user can be in a department as well.

It should also be noted that if a department box has no users allocated to it, the system will default to the ‘Reponses for Relational, event and one-off surveys’, where the Todo item will then get delegated to whom are responsible there. Or the 'Reponses for Relational, event and one-off surveys' can be left blank and users can be manually assigned.

How it will work 
  1. As Todo items are received, the system will delegate them into the associated users Todo lists who are responsible for those departments 
  2. The user will be notified of any Todo items once a day if they are subscribed to the automated Todo List Digest emails from the Digest Opt in section
    • It will only include Todo items that are assigned to them, if the user is not assiged to a department they will see all the Todo items in the email
  3. When the user logs in and goes to Todo they will see all todo items.
    • To see items that are only assigned to the user logged in
    1. Click All Assignements drop down under Assigned User
    2. Select user name from list

If more than one user is auto assigned to a location or a department, the Todo items will be shared between the users. So, if 2 people are assigned to a department, they will get assigned 50% of the Todo items each.

Follow Up Timescale

Here you can configure the target time frame for having completed the follow up to a response. Please note this is one configuration for all sites. This cannot be changed per location.
Recommended number of days is usually set to 2.
You don't want to wait too long to follow up with the member.


Drop-out settings

Enable or disable the drop-out options here. This will determine whether recipients can be "dropped out" of a process.
To "drop out" means to remove a recipient from the todo list. This can be done manually when recording interactions, or can take place automatically after a number of failed interaction attempts which you can specify below.
Manual Drop-outs: recommend to be off
  • Off = red - users cannot manually remove the todo item
  • On = turquoise - users can manually remove a response from the todo list by clicking on a drop out button
Automated Drop-outs: should be on
  • Off = red - the todo item will stay in the list until a successful attempt
  • On = turquoise - the todo item will automatically be removed after the set number of interaction attempts set below
Automated drop-out after how many interaction attempts?
This option will only appear when automated drop outs is turned on.
  • Type in a number to represent number of interaction attempts - recommend this be set to 3

Example: After 3 failed attempts from the user that are tracked in MemberInsight, the todo item will automatically be removed from the todo list.