The Todo section is where staff will login to find out which members have to be contacted for follow up. Staff can view all Todo items, view items that have been assigned to them or filter specific responses.
Click Todo in MemberInsight at the top of the page to access the todo items and more information can be found below.

Simplified steps

How users can quickly view and manage assigned Todo items
  1. Click Todo
  2. Select type of Survey
  3. Select Location
  4. Select Department (Optional)
  5. Go to Assigned User on the left
  6. Select name to see Todo items for that user
  7. Todo items(responses) assigned to that user will be displayed
Tasks that could be completed when viewing Todo Items
  • Filter options for Todo list
  • Export (Optional) - Click to export the current filtered list of responses
  • View member name and image if available
  • Days ago - when member responded
  • Color and score - indicates type of response - Detractor/Passive/Promoter
  • Assign user if Todo item is still Unassigned
  • History - Click to view previous ratings, comments, notes and interactions 
  • Read comments and reassign or add new tags if applicable
    • Click on word and select Positive/Neutral/Negative
  • Click to view - when member visited the department
  • Member contact information
  • Notes - to track communication after follow-up attempts
  • Indicate whether it was a failed or successful attempt during follow up
Choose method of communication to member
  • Call - phone call with member
  • Talk - in person conversation at the club
  • Email - usually used as last method of communication
    • Click Send Email button so that the unique bcc email will be populated when email is sent to member
    • When the bcc email receives the message it will automatically:
      • Add the notes into the interactions section
      • Remove the response from the Todo items list

View Completed Todo Items

Once a Todo item is removed from the Todo section there are two ways to find the response to view the history or outcome of the follow up.‚Äč

  1. Go to the Responses tab
  2. Click on conversation bubble icon beside Search Comments
  3. Select Search Recipients 
  4. Type in member name
  5. Click Go
  6. Click History to see information
  1. Click Reports
  2. Click Follow Ups in the Progress Completion section
  3. Change filters for time frame, survey type, location and department
      4. Click Responses bar at the bottom of the screen
      5. Find and click on response to view more information


Note: There is no option to search recipient by name from the Reports section.
In order to search responses by name from reports, download the CSV file and search for name in the file.


      6. Click History to see information