Response Tags - Setup

At the time of setup, the Departments would have already been created as response tags.

The following section can be used to add, edit or delete Tag Groups.
  1. Click Settings, a second level of navigation items will appear
  2. Cilck Response Tags in the second row right under Settings
  3. Click one of the 3 tabs for more information
    1. Response Tags - assign tags into groups
    2. Group Settings - add, manage or remove tag groups
    3. Ignored Tags - tags that the club does not want to use in response tags

Response Tags Tab

From here you can assign tags into groups. Click and drag tags from the left into a group on the right. Hint: You can select multiple tags by clicking on them and then drag them over in one go!

Click on Response Tags

Before sending out any surveys the Tags column will be empty and the Tag Groups will only have a list of Departments that were provided when the initial set up was completed. Additional Tag Groups can be added.
          Tags Column

          "Sorry! There are no tags here to display."
Tag Groups Column

The dotted boxes will be empty, as there are no tags to add to the Tag Groups

Once the club starts to send out surveys and responses are received the Tags column will have tags(words) added to the list.

Tags Column
  • List of tags(words) that were found in survey comments
  • Tags that have a tag icon beside it, indicate that they have already been assigned to a Tag Group
    • Hover over the tag and it will identify which Tag Group the tag belongs to
Tag Groups Column
  • List of tags(words) can now be assigned to respective groups/departments
Assign Tag to Tag Group
Each tag can only be assigned to one Tag Group.
  1. Click and drag tag from the Tags column to the dotted box beside the desired Tag Group

Assign Tag Example:

  1. Click on tag/word fitness in the Tags column
  2. Drag it to the Fitness Tag Group in the Tag Groups column that currently has the tag/word locker
Reassign Tag to another Tag Group
If a tag was assigned to the incorrect Tag Group it can be assigned to the correct Tag Group or back to the Tags column.
  1. Click on tag in the Tag Groups column and drag to the correct Tag Group or drag to the Tags column.

Reassign Tag Example:

  1. Click on the tag/word food in the F&B Tag Group in the Tag Groups column
  2. Drag it to Banquet & Events Tag Group in the Tag Groups column that currently has the tags/words banquet and wedding
Remove Tag from Tag Groups Column 
  1. Click on x for tag in the Tag Groups column
    • The tag will be removed from the Tag Group immediately but still found in the Tag column
    • The tag can be reassigned to another Tag Group in the future or added to the Ignored Tags section

Remove Tag Example:

  1. Click on the x beside the tag/word pickle in the Racquet Tag Group in the Tag Groups column

If you notice any words in the Tags column that you do not wish to ever use in any of the Tag Groups created. The tag can be added to the Ignored list. 

Tags column 
  1. Hover over the x in the Tags column beside a tag - a pop up will indicate "Ignore this tag"
  2. Click on x beside Tag
  3. Pop up with question Ignore this tag?
    • Cancel - Click and the tag will remain in the Tags column
    • Yes, ignore it! - Click and the tag will be added to the Ignore Tag list

Group Settings Tab

Manage your Tag Groups on this page. Add a group using the Add Group button. Click on an existing group to change the name, manage its tags, or remove it from your list of groups.

Click on Group Settings

Quickly search and view the Tag Groups that have been created, it will also indicate how many tags have been assigned to the tag group. Option to create a new Tag group from this section as well.
  1. Click Group Settings tab
      The following info will display
  • Search: option to find a specific Tag Group
  • Add Group: create new group more info will be found in the section below
  • List of existing Tag Groups with number of tags assigned to a specific tag group
This allows the club to see what tags(words) have been assigned to the Tag Group, remove Tags or Delete the Tag Group.
  1. Click on name of Tag Group
       The following information will display
  • Name: Edit name that was created for the department or area to be tracked
  • Tags: Tags assigned to the Group will be displayed.
    • Click on the x beside the Tag(word) to remove from Tag Group
    • To add tags to the tag group go back to the Response Tags tab
  • Save: Click Save to save changes that were made
  • Delete: Click Delete to remove the Tag Group completely.
Option to add another Department/Area in the club to track tags.
Note: if a new Department is created in Jonas Club Mamangement the Tag Group will have to be created manually in this section. 


  1. Club had originally set up Golf department, instead of just Golf there could now be two Tag Groups Golf Course and Golf Shop.
  2. Food and Beverage department could be split into the respective dining areas Grille Room, Patio and Bar.
  1. Click Add Group
  2. Type in new Group Name
  3. Click Add - New group will added to the list
  4. Click Cancel if you don't want to save the new group

Ignored Tags Tab

Tags are created for each word that appeared in the comments, some words may not be significant to be used in the Response Tags and could be flagged as Ignored Tags.

Click on Ignored Tags

  • A list of Tags that are currently on the Ignore list will be displayed.
  • Search: option to find a specific Tag (word)
If there are more tags that have appeared in the comments and you do not wish to use additional words can be added to the ignored list.

How to Add Tag to Ignored List.

  1. Click Add New Tag
  2. Type in new Tag Name
  3. Click Add - New tag will added to the ignore list
  4. Click Cancel if you don't want to save the new tag
If a tag was added to the ignored list in error it could be restored and added to a Tag Group. 
  1. Click Tag
  2. Click Restore as Tag 
  3. Are you Sure pop up appears
    • Cancel - Click to close close window
    • Yes, restore it - Click and the tag will be removed from the ignored list
‚ÄčThis tag/word will show up in the Response Tags tab in the Tags column again and can be assigned to a Tag Group.