Creating Custom Question Sets

This section will get you started in creating or editing a question set. This includes, naming the survey, custom message before survey starts, determine number of pages in the survey, confirmation message when survey is completed and save options.
Click Settings in MemberInsight and then Questions in the second level navigation to view or create question sets.


Start a New Question Set

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Questions in the second level navigation
  3. Click Add New Question Set button

To Edit a Question Set

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Questions in the second level navigation
    • A table of all current and sent Question sets will be viewable.
  3. Click on question set name to edit

Question Set Table Details

The question set could be in one of three status
Draft   This question set is not ready to use yet. Click to continue editing

This question set has finished being edited and is ready to use in a survey.
It is not currently being used in any survey that is being sent
To add it to an online or one off survey, click Settings > Surveys
Live   The question set it being used in a survey that has been sent. You can only edit the internal name
Beside each question set there are 3 action buttons

  • Click to see what the question set looks like
  • Click to delete the question set
  • If the survey has been sent out with the question set attached (LIVE status) the question set cannot be deleted
  • Click to create a copy of the question set, the copied version can be edited (change name and questions)

Question Set Info

Question Set

Only administrators will see the Question set name, it will not be displayed to recipients when the survey is sent.
  • Name the question set by typing in the box that says Question Set

Edit Questions Tab

Title: (optional)
Text in the Title section appears at the top of each question page
  • Type in text​ to be used as the title

Introduction Text: (optional)
Text will appear at different stage in the process depending on which survey it is attached to.
  • One off survey - Questions only survey - this text appears in the body of the email
  • All surveys that include the NPS question - this text will appear after the member has answered the NPS question
  • Type in text to explain what the survey is for

Page 1 of 1
Indicates the number of pages that are in the survey. The question set can be a simple one page survey or it could have multiple pages.
Add Page Title (optional)
Add title for the page of the survey. For multiple page surveys, adding a page title will help identify different sections in the survey.
      1. Check box for Add Page Title and the Page Title box will appear
      2. Type in the page title name
This is where the questions, images and text will be created for the survey.
      1. Click Add Content
      2. Select from Question, Image and Paragraph
      3. Additional instructions are found in Add Content 

Reasons why you may want to add pages to your survey.
  • Add an additional page to the survey for a long survey to break up the survey into sections. 
  • Create logic based questions.
    • Add an additional page to the survey to redirect members to a different set of questions found on another page, based on their answer.
Click Add page on the right
  • a new page section will appear as Page 2 of 2 below Page 1 of 2

If there are multiple pages in the survey, the order of the pages can be changed.
For each page section, the following arrows can appear when there is more than one page in the question set.
  • Up only
  • Down only 
  • Both

Click Up or Down arrow to change page order of the page.

When Editing the questions you will be able to see the questions on their own without viewing the question type that was selected. This could be done by using the Fold and Unfold option to view the question type again. 
Fold       Unfold
Click Fold icon(two arrows pointing towards each other) in the top right
  • The question type information will be hidden for all the questions
        Click Unfold icon(two arrows pointing away from each other) in the
      top right
  •     The question type information will display with the question
Image of question set with the Fold icon in the corner. Image of question set with the unfold icon in the corner.

This option will only appear if a multiple page question set is created.
Determine which page to direct members in the question set after they complete all the questions on a specific page.

At the bottom right corner of the page you will see After page 1 - Continue to next page
Click Continue to next page - this will display options to choose from
  • Go to page 2, 3, 4 ...
    • Number of pages to select from will be determined by the number of pages that have been added to the question set. it will only show page numbers if there are pages created
    • The page title will never be displayed in the drop down
  • Submit form - the submit button will appear once they answer all the questions on the page, even if it's not the last page in the question set
Add Page
Steps to add another page immediately after a page that already has multiple pages created.
Click plus sign beside Continue to next page

This page will be added after the current page instead of being added after the last page in the question set.

If an entire page is no longer needed in the survey it can be deleted.
      1. Click Trash can icon to remove page
      2. Pop up will appear in the top middle of the page
  • Are you sure?
    • Click OK to remove the page
    • Click Cancel to keep the page
Confirmation page
Text that appears on screen once the question set survey is completed
Default text that is already set up Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. We value your feedback.
Type in customized confirmation message or use the default text​.

There are two save options when working with the question sets.
Save As Ready   Save As Draft   Cancel
Saves changes and indicates the question set is complete.
  • In the Question Set table it will now indicate that the survey is Ready (Available to be attached to a survey)
  • Edits cannot be made to the Question set while in Ready status.
  Saves changes while the the question set still needs to be edited or approved by management. 
  • In the Question Set table it will now indicate that the survey is Draft 
  • Editing is still required before the question set is complete
  Close the question set without saving new changes.


Note: to make edits to a question set in Ready Status - you can to change it back to draft

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Questions
  3. Click on the question set
  4. Click Save as Draft - this will change the status back to Draft
  5. Edits can be made
  6. Remember to Save as Ready in order to attach to a survey
To create the content and questions for the survey please go to
Add Content Details