Todo - Details

All NPS responses that have been added to the Todo list via the Closed Loop process or manually will be found here. Once the Todo item is completed with a successful attempt or dropped out, they will no longer be found in the Todo section. They could be found in the Responses or Reports section. Information here is simliar to what will be found in the Responses section with a few differences. Once the filters have been applied, only the Todo Items that match the criteria will display. Below you will learn more details about the information provided in the todo section.

Image of Todo section showing # of # Todo Items will display.
Click anywhere in the Todo item to see the detailed view of the response and follow up options.

Todo Details Explained

Member Image 
  • If image is not in the database it will display photo not available  ‚Äč


Name of member, Club name, Department name, Emoji and Color
  • Member and Club name is displayed for all responses to Relational and Department surveys (Mike Matthews - Red Oaks Golf)
  • Building icon and Department name only appears after the Member and Club name if member responded to a Department survey (Spa)
  • Emoji and colour represents the score member responded with
    • Sad face red = Detractor
    • Neutral face grey = Passive
    • Happy face turqoise = Promoter
Days ago  
  • Identifies when the member responded to the survey
  • Measured in hours, days or months ago 
  • Shows number of times the club has reached out to the member
  • Click History to see the interaction details
The following information displays when History is clicked:
  • Date of response, notes or interaction
  • Member score - number in colored square
  • Club name and Department if applicable
  • Comments
  • Notes - paper icon

Methods of communication will be displayed for interactions. Failed in red text will be displayed under the icon if it was a failed attempt.
  • Call - Phone icon
  • Talk - Chat bubble icon
  • Email - Envelope icon
Unassigned/Assigned user name
  • Assign user or view current user name that has been assiged for the Todo Item.
To assign a Todo item if it is currently Unassigned
  1. Click Unassigned
  2. Type in first or last name of user
    • select from list of names in results
  3. Select user from the list - names are sorted alphabetically by last name
Once a user has been assigned the Todo item, it cannot be switched back to Unassigned, a new user will have to be assigned.

Note: There is no communication to notify the staff member that they have been assigned a todo item once a Todo Item has been assigned.

Comments and Response Tags
  • Member comments are identified as Response Tags (keywords) and used to generate data to further identify areas of improvement.
  • These keywords will be color coded based on the NPS score and appear as inidividual buttons underneath the comments. .
  • When reading the comments, pay attention to what is communicated and change the Tags accordingly (positive, neutral or negative).



Example: They said " I love the spa", the word spa should be changed from negative to positive.

For more details see Reassigning Response Tags.
Click to View
  • This button will only appear in Department survey responses.
  • It allows the club to see date and time that member visited.
 Click click to view and the following information will appear:
  • Date and time when member attended
  • Shows Department that the member visited
  • If the member visited the department more than once in the same day it will show up with different time stamp