Responses - How to Use

Simplified steps

How users can quickly view and manage responses

  1. Click Responses
  2. Select time frame to view responses
  3. Select type of Survey
  4. Select Location
  5. Select Department (Optional)
  6. Apply additional filters on the left (Optional)
  7. NPS Score and Responses will display based on the filters applied


Tasks that could be completed when viewing Responses
  • Filter responses
  • Export CSV (Optional) - click to export the filtered list of responses
  • View member name and image if available
  • Days ago - when member responded
  • Emoji, color and score: indicates type of response - Detractor/Passive/Promoter
  • Note - click to add internal notes
  • History - click to view previous ratings, comments, notes and interactions 
  • Add Todo - Click to add response to Todo items
  • Click to view - see when member visited the club
  • Read comments and reassign or add new tags if applicable
    • Click on word and select Positive/Neutral/Negative

Add responses to Todo list if they were not added automatically with the closed loop process.
  1. Read member comments to find out if the response should be added to the Todo List
  2. Click Add Todo
The following things happen when Add Todo is clicked.
  • Member response will be added into the Todo list
  • Number beside Todo at the top of the screen will increase
  • By default the staff user that clicked Add Todo will be the assigned user for the to the Todo list item
    • If needed the assigned user can be changed in the Todo section