Response Tag - Statistics and Reports

Statistics generated from the Response tags can be found in the Dash and Reports section of MemberInsight.

Dash section

How can I improve?

Lists all the Tag Groups and a bar graph to indicate the keywords that have been tagged in member responses as (Positive, Neutral or Negative) 
  • Hover over the colored areas to see how many mentions there are in the respective area (Positive, Neutral or Negative)
    • Mentions are the number of times a tag is used. You may have more Mentions than Responses if a tag is used more than once in the same Response.
  • By improving these areas, the club can improve the NPS score
  • Click Tag Group to view responses for that Tag Group - this will open up the Report
  • Click member response to view the comments and reassign the tags if necessary
Displays the Tag Group that has the most Detractor mentions.
  • To improve the clubs NPS score, it's a good idea to focus on the area recommended in the Quick Win box because this is where there is the most negative mentions for the designated time period
  • Click View Responses to view ALL responses
  • View the comments and reassign tags if necessary

Reports Section

  1. Click Reports
  2. Analysis section - Click Response Tag Groups 

Response Tag Groups: displays the positive, negative and neutral mentions 
The report is divided into three sections Chart, Detail and Responses.
  • Each section is represented by a horizontal bar.
  • Clicking on the bar for one of these sections will hide or show more details
Chart: Bar graph shows the type of mentions for the respective Tag Groups
  • Hover over an individual bar on the graph will provide the number of mentions
  • Click on an individual bar to show responses that had those tags
Detail: Table displays , Tag Group, Total Mentions, Positive Mentions, Negative Mentions and Neutral Mentions
  • Click on one of the cells in the table, will display the corresponding responses in the Responses section
Responses: Displays - Recipient, Score, Tag Groups Comment, Date
  1. Click Response to see details
  2. Click History button for further info
  3. Option to reassign tags if necessary
  4. Click Go Back to see all responses