Todo - Filter and Export

Use different filter options that can be applied in the Todo section to find specific items and how to export the todo items.

Todo - Filtering Options across the Top

                                                                           Type of Survey options

All survey types
                                                                           Relational Survey
                                                                           Relational and Depts
                                                                           Department Survey
                                                                           One off Survey
All Locations displays by default, which means todo items from all locations and departments will appear in the results.
  • Click All Locations and select Club name
  • Only clubs managed by a management company will see more than one location in the drop down

The All Departments filter appears only after the club name is selected from All Locations.

All Departments filter appears after the Club name is selected from All Location filter. This filter provides the option to view todo items for a specific department.


Filter options on the Left

Search box
Find todo items by name or word(s) that were used in the feedback

  1. Type in name of member or type word(s) in the search box
  2. Click Go (pressing Enter does not perform the search)
Reset Search Results  
  1. Clear the text in the search box
  2. Click Go (pressing Enter does not reset results)
Most Todo items will be Detractors unless the club opted to add Promoters and Passives as part of the Closed Loop process or manually added the response using the Add Todo feature found in the Viewing Response Details section.
Click on one of the Response Types
  • Promoters
  • Passives
  • Detractors

Displays Todo items based on the option selected in the Assigned User filter. It can display all todo items or only those assigned to one specific user.
1. Click box under Assigned User

  a. Select an option from the list
  • All Assignments
  • All Unassigned 
  • User names will be listed with first and last name
    • Sorted alphabetically by last name
    • Both Admin and Basic level user account names will be listed  
   b. Type in first or last name of user
  • Select name from list in search results
Search Todo items based on when members joined the club.

Choose From
  • All
  • One to Twelve months 
  • Greater than one year



Allows the club to export all the Todo items that are filtered on screen into an Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx) or a comma separated value CSV file(.csv).

This is found on the top right just above the Todo Items

      1. Apply filters before exporting otherwise all Todo items will be exported into the file
      2. Click Export
      3. Select Excel Spreadsheet(.xlsx) or CSV File(.csv)

      4. Once the export is completed. There should be an icon indicating that the file has downloaded.
      5. Click and select option to Open

      The following information will be exported and will open in Excel: Created at, Updated at, Assigned User, Recipient Name, Location, Email,
      Department, Response and Score.