Dash - How am I doing?

There are 5 tiles: NPS Score, Drop-outs, Follow ups, Loyalty Shift or Responses but only 4 tiles show at a time, displaying either a number or percentage.
Hover over the tile to display how the information was calculated for the respective section.

Click arrow pointing right
  • The 5th tile (Responses) will appear and the NPS Score tile will move to the left and disappear
Click arrow pointing left
  • NPS Score tile reappears and the Responses tile will move to the right and disappear

5 Tiles

NPS Score - Current NPS score (% Promoters - % Detractors = Net Promoter Score) based on the filters

Drop Outs - Percentage of recipients that were "dropped" off the todo list  (i.e. after 3 failed attempts)

Follow Ups - Percentage of successful follow ups from your todo list

Loyalty Shift - Shows direction member is shifting (positive or negative) by comparing previous score, click on the question mark for more info.

Responses - Shows number of responses based on the filters

Select 1 of 5 tiles in MemberInsight

1. Select one of the 5 tiles: NPS Score, Drop-outs, Follow ups, Loyalty Shift or Responses
  • Additional information will be listed below in the table for the tile selected
  • Notice that the statistic will change as you click into the different areas
2. Click on the Club name 
  • Displays the statistics by
    • Relational - click to open report
    • Departments - click to see list of departments and statistics
      • Click Show full table to display all departments to choose from
      • Click specific department and it will go to the report section
    • One-off - (Surveys with NPS questions) - Click One-off to open report

Show full table button will only appear if the club has set up more than 3 departments.
1. Select one of the five sections
2. Click one of the three buttons

View Report: will take you right into the report for the data

Export CSV: a csv file will download immediately for the section that was selected

Show more detail:  additional information will display in the table to show how the number or percentage was calculated

Example: NPS Score section - Detractors, Passives, Promoters columns will show number of responses with the percentage in the table


Benchmark - Allows you to compare your score to other clubs

The benchmark score is generated from a number of different businesses across various countries, regions and sectors. A region or sector can only be selected when looking at a specific country. Depending on the available data, a benchmark may not be available for certain criteria.

Click Show More to see additional filter options.

All Countries: Lists countries to choose from
All Regions: Lists province or states
All Categories: Private, Public, Semi-Private
All Types: City, Country, Golf, Racquet, Retirement Home, Ski, Sports, Yacht
All Membership Sizes: 0-250, 251-500, 501-1000, 1001-2500, 2501 and over
All Annual Dues: $0-$2000, $2001-$5000, $5001-$10000,$10001+

If there is not enough data the benchmark would be zero, change filters to get a new benchmark.

Star Performer: will display user(s) name with the most interactions on the todo list in the filtered time frame.